4 Situations to Consider Getting Dental Implants

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Getting dental implants allows people who are missing teeth to once again enjoy a full smile. This treatment may not be right for all patients, so it is helpful to understand the most common cases where these artificial teeth make the most sense. You can then speak to your dentist about going through this process to fill in the gaps in your mouth.

How the process works

Interested patients should first consult a dentist about what to expect when getting implants. The dentist may have to extract damaged teeth at an initial appointment as well. After taking X-rays and impressions, the dentist will send this information to a lab so a technician can create implants that match the color and shape of the person’s other natural teeth. Over the next several months, the person will come into the office and undergo a multistep surgical process. After each stage, a period of healing will take place.

  • The dentist makes an incision in the patient’s gum and inserts screw-like implants in the jaw
  • The bone will fuse to the implant, and the dentist then attaches a post to the implant
  • The dentist will place the artificial tooth on the post

When to get implants: Patients want a long-term solution

One of the most appealing benefits of having dental implants is that they are durable and long-lasting. While a dentist may have to replace a patient’s dentures and bridges every eight to 10 years, implants can last 20 years or more. The titanium material is strong and secure. Longevity will depend on how well the person takes care of the artificial teeth by brushing, flossing and following up with the dentist.

Choose this method when missing only a few teeth

It is less common for people to get implants if they are missing most or all their teeth. However, if a person has one or a few open spaces in the mouth, this treatment may make more sense. The healing process should not be as extensive when the dentist is replacing fewer teeth.

The patient does not want to worry about teeth slipping or falling out

Some people struggle with dentures because the apparatus may slip out while a person is talking or eating. Because implants are fixed deep in the jaw, this should not be a problem. Once the dentist has put in the artificial teeth, only a hard blow to the mouth should dislodge them.

The patient does not want to affect other teeth

Getting a bridge, for example, requires shaving down adjacent teeth. When a person gets implants, the remaining natural teeth stay intact. This can improve the person’s overall oral health.

Smile proudly again

It can be difficult to live without teeth, especially when other people can easily notice these gaps in your mouth. Luckily, dental implants offer an effective solution so you can enjoy your smile and eat most foods again without feeling stress or anxiety. Talk to your dentist about going through this process.

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