How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned at My Family Dentist?

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A family dentist is a great resource to utilize, especially for routine dental cleanings. Both children and adults should undergo cleanings regularly to ensure good oral health. One question that often comes up in regards to dental cleanings is how often they should be done. While every patient has different needs, there are a few general guidelines that a family dentist lays out for routine dental cleanings. 

How often are teeth cleanings needed?

Below is an overview of how often teeth cleanings should be done by a family dentist. This information can be helpful for adults, as well as adults that have children. Keep reading to find out more!


A family dentist recommends that children undergo dental cleanings at least twice a year or every six months. Babies and toddlers do not typically get routine cleanings until they have developed all of their teeth. However, once they have developed all of their baby teeth, it is important that the family dentist cleans them regularly. Children's teeth are especially prone to cavities because they consume a lot of sugar and their oral hygiene is not the best. Because of this, some family dentists recommend cleanings more regularly. 

A lot of parents are under the impression that their children's teeth do not matter because they will later be replaced with adult teeth. However, that is far from the truth. Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth because they lay the foundation for the child's future oral health. 


Teenagers and adults typically get dental cleanings twice a year or every six months as well. However, some adults opt for cleanings once a year due to insurance problems or scheduling commitments. Cleanings every six months give the hygienist a chance to remove any built-up plaque or tartar that could lead to decay. Additionally, the family dentist can highlight any recommendations for oral hygiene so that the adult can maintain two cleanings a year. 

Other factors

While family dentists do typically recommend cleanings every six months, there may be some other factors that contribute to their recommendation. Children or adults who have crowded teeth may need to undergo a cleaning every three months to ensure that the hard-to-reach areas are addressed. Additionally, if they are prone to tooth decay, they may benefit from cleanings on a frequent basis, such as every other month. 

Adults over the age of 40 and elderly patients may be required to visit their family dentist every three months for a cleaning too. The older people get, the more prone they are to oral health problems, which can be offset through a professional dental cleaning. When cleanings are done regularly, good oral health is much easier to maintain. 

Get started today!

Working with a family dentist to determine how often cleanings should take place is a great place to start. They can perform an evaluation to better outline what the patient's needs are. To get started or to learn more, reach out today. 

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