Can You Have Multiple CEREC® Crowns Made at the Same Time?

CEREC crowns Colleyville, TX

When you need a tooth repaired, CEREC crowns might be used. However, you might have two or more teeth that need to be capped. If this is the case, then you may be wondering if you can get multiple crowns. The answer is yes, you can have two or more CEREC restorations made in one appointment. Keep reading to learn more about this type of dental restoration.

Restoring teeth’s function immediately

The teeth affect a patient’s smile and eating patterns. If the patient gets a traditional crown, the patient will wear a temporary one for some time. The temporary crown is worn while waiting for the lab to create the permanent one. However, the patient needs to be careful when talking and eating. The patient also needs to eat a limited diet to protect the temporary crown. When getting a same-day crown, though, the patient never has to worry about this because the teeth are immediately restored.

CEREC® crowns prevent injury

A temporary crown may not fit properly in the patient’s mouth. It may come loose easily. This can cause injuries to the patient or more serious issues. The risk of injury is reduced with CEREC® crowns. The dental cap fits the teeth properly. Many times, the dentist will not need to do as much drilling with a same-day crown. This can save most of the patient’s tooth.

CEREC® crowns save money and promote comfort

Even with insurance, temporary crowns and multiple appointments cost more money. With a same-day crown, the number of dental visits is cut in half. The temporary crowns are completely eliminated. For people who are salaried hourly, less time off from work allows them to earn even more money.

Patients get temporary crowns that are often made out of resin. However, the crowns may not fit properly because of the material. This causes discomfort for the patients. On the other hand, CEREC crowns often fit patients better because they are made out of ceramic. In some cases, digital imaging technology for the crowns is more consistent.

Preventing decay with multiple crowns

The reason for getting a crown is the same, no matter what type the crown is. Patients can prevent decay by having one or more damaged teeth covered. The decayed portions are removed so the bacteria cannot spread to other areas in the mouth. The crown will protect the rest of the tooth against further decay.

Visit a dentist today

Temporary crowns can come out over time. This can cause further decay in the patient’s mouth. Getting multiple crowns can actually be a good idea for you because you can avoid decay in your mouth. Every tooth that has decay should receive a crown to restore it and help it last as long as possible. You might have a longer dental appointment than if you had only one crown. But you will find it was worthwhile.

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