4 Tips for Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

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The fact is, getting wisdom teeth removed is not a fun experience. But it is often necessary in order to ensure good oral health and proper functionality long term. The good news is that there are certain things that you can do to keep discomfort at a tolerable level after wisdom teeth removal.

4 Ways to relieve wisdom teeth pain

By understanding effective and safe tips for wisdom teeth pain relief, you can keep the symptoms at a minimum level and make the recovery process as pleasant as possible. The following are four effective tips for managing pain and discomfort during the wisdom teeth removal recovery process.

1. Pain relief medication

Pain relief medication is a great way to reduce the swelling after wisdom teeth removal and keep the discomfort to a minimum. Of course, it is important not to exceed the recommended dosage. Be sure to talk to the dentist about the recommended amount of pain relief medication and the best type of over-the-counter pain reliever during recovery. If minor discomfort still exists even while taking a pain reliever, do not panic or take more medication. Instead, find other ways to minimize the remaining discomfort (see below).

2. Apply an ice pack

An ice pack is a simple and effective way to keep pain and swelling to a minimum after wisdom teeth removal. Simply placing the pack or bag of ice on the affected area(s) is one of the most recommended ways to manage the pain among dentists. In fact, many dentists use ice packs to ease the initial discomfort after the extraction procedure. There are different strategies for using ice, but one of the more helpful is to ice the area for 15 minutes, remove the ice for 15 minutes and then repeat. This keeps swelling down and can numb some of the pain.

3. Saltwater rinse

Managing pain is important, but even more importantly it is essential to do everything possible to prevent an infection after wisdom teeth removal. One way to kill and remove bacteria in the mouth and minimize the risk of infection is with a saltwater rinse. The saltwater rinse can kill bacteria and wash away food particles that may contribute to pain and swelling. Subsequently, it can help with pain relief as well as prevent oral health concerns from developing.

4. Consider a numbing gel

You may not need an ice pack but a numbing gel is often effective, as well. Consider asking your dentist about the best numbing gel to use for wisdom teeth pain relief, as some are available over the counter. If the pain still exists despite pain relief medication, ice packs and keeping the mouth clean, then numbing gel can be a great solution to try next.

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